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People around me

They told me to bury you

The rush I feel inside

Something I barely knew

Tell me your worst lie

Tell me to let you go

Are you really here

Nothing feels so real


Days went dark when I bury you

Demon inside me I bury you

Come closer

Wake me up


I’m not lost

This is where I need to be

In my thoughts

I’ll never set you free 

They say I’m broken

Weak or inviting

Whatever you say

I know who I need to be


Close your killer eyes


My heart in pieces

Tell me if I still breathe

I can’t feel anything

Anyone hear me?


Close your killer eyes

Keep your hands off me

I’ll never set you free

Keep your hands off me


Do you hear the thunder

This rain will never stop

When drops hit the ground

They burn like fire

You won't hear me scream

I won't stop running

This is not your world

Not the one you desire


You can't hear the thunder

You cannot see the sun

This world is drowning us

Hurts like fire

I can't make a sound

Cannot keep running

Life lasted longer

More than I desire

One last time tell me the truth

Will you one last time tell me the truth


Rest your soul

This is the last day

Your sleeping mind

Will wake up once again

Endless run

To the sleepless nights

I will put your minds at ease

I'll tell you my best stories


At night when you sleep

With nothing on your mind


Bir hata

Yok olmak gibi bi his

Binlerce kez düşer düşer kalkar

Son defa ona bak

Renksiz hayaller

Hayal kurmak istedi

Bulutlar geliyo üstüne üstüne

Bırak kendini

Bırak kendini


Elindeki taş aklında savaş

Son bir defa bak ona

Kalbi donuk, ateşi soğuk

Son bir defa bak ona

Bıraktı kendini sonsuza


Uzun zamandır uykum yok

Geceler bana hep demir tuzak

Sessiz boşluğa doğru bakarken

Siyah odaların duvarında

Kayıp o eski nefretler

Kaygılardan yoksun olsaydık

Yaklaşma yıldızlarım kayıp benim

Senin o yalnız dünyanda


Bıraktı kendini kuzgunlar

Kırmızı gökyüzü yorgundu

Yağdırdı bulutları birer birer

Senin o yalnız dünyanda


Fırtınalar dinmedi

Geceye doğru yürürken

Susuzluğun dinmedi

Güneşe doğru bakarken

Kaybolma o dünyanda


Look in the mirror

What's gotten into you

I know what's real

Nothing's wrong with me

Look in the mirror

What's gotten into you

I know what's real

Something's wrong with me


Golden crown is tossed

I'm the one who makes you king

Wooden throne is lost

I'm the one who makes you king

Eager eyes everywhere

I'm the one who makes you king

Take the heads of the different ones

I'm the one who makes you king


Ductape, introduced their debut short "Little Monsters" to the audience in 2020. The duo, who released their first album "Labirent"at the beginning of 2021, signed with Swiss Dark Nights and released the EP “Araf" including remixes by Hapax, Delphine Coma and N.L.P alongside a live album “Live at Radyo Modyan”

which was recorded at a radio station.
After releasing their second album “Ruh” at the beginning of 2022, Ductape announced their new album will be out in 2024.

Ductape immediately started meeting the world with two Mexico tours, South America Tour, participated in many shows and festivals within Europe in a short period of time after their first appearance. They entered the “best of” lists by the leading

magazines of the Post-punk and Darkwave scene.

Ductape invites the listener to dance over their disappointments with their own interpretation of the 80's Post-punk.

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