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Ductape, the Turkish duo known for their captivating blend of post-punk and darkwave, released their latest album, "Echo Drama," on February 29th, 2024. The announcement comes on the heels of their successful live shows and the recent unveiling of three singles, "Red Scar," "Veil Of Lies," and “Anafor” which have garnered significant attention from fans and critics alike.


Formed by Çağla and Furkan, Ductape embarked on their musical journey with a vision to create something deeply personal and unique. "Echo Drama" represents a significant evolution in their sound, building upon the foundations laid by their previous releases, "Labirent" and "Ruh."

Reflecting on the album's title, Ductape describes "Echo Drama" as a collection of tracks that echo the band's past while delving into new territories. The album explores themes of introspection, emotional turbulence, and societal reflections, encapsulating a range of intense feelings and experiences.


Three singles released ahead of the album, offer a glimpse into the sonic exploration found within "Echo Drama." With each track, Ductape introduces new elements and textures, enriching their signature sound and pushing the boundaries of their musical expression.


Lyrically, "Echo Drama" delves into a myriad of emotions and experiences, drawing inspiration from personal reflections, societal observations, and the human condition itself. The duo's lyrical approach is characterized by concise yet poignant statements, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the raw emotionality of each track.


With this new release, Ductape prepares to embark on a new chapter in their musical journey. With "Echo Drama," they invite listeners to join them on a sonic exploration that transcends boundaries and defies expectations.

“Echo Drama term typically means a dramatic situation that mirrors a past occurrence, referencing events within a cycle.  It represents a concentration of our past releases, concert’s attitude, it echoes our past. 


Echo Drama encapsulates a myriad of emotions – pain, death, loneliness, the unveiling of inner insight, a recurring nightmare, a sense of entrapment, losing hope, and the stage of accepting it all. In this world, you can dance above your feelings, even alone in your bedroom and it has a healing effect.”


Music, Lyrics

Production: Ductape

Recorded at Mars Stüdyo, Ankara, Turkey

Mixing engineer Omer Celik

Mastering engineer Ozan Turan

Cover art by Çağla Güleray

Photograph by Özgür Kızıltan

Vinyl Mastering by Marco Milanesio

by Swiss Dark Nights

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