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Ductape, introduced their debut short "Little Monsters" to the audience in 2020. The duo, who released their first album "Labirent"at the beginning of 2021, signed with Swiss Dark Nights and released the EP “Araf" including remixes by Hapax, Delphine Coma and N.L.P alongside a live album “Live at Radyo Modyan”

which was recorded at a radio station.
After releasing their second album “Ruh” at the beginning of 2022, Ductape announced their new album will be out in 2024.

Ductape immediately started meeting the world with two Mexico tours, South America Tour, participated in many shows and festivals within Europe in a short period of time after their first appearance. They entered the “best of” lists by the leading

magazines of the Post-punk and Darkwave scene.

Ductape invites the listener to dance over their disappointments with their own interpretation of the 80's Post-punk.

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